Download and Install

The plugin can be compiled from the source.

Install from source

Requirement Install

  • have an up to date version of the sofa source code from the master repository
  • pybind11 (minimal 2.2.4)
  • cmake (minimal 3.12)
  • developement package for python3.7 (python3.7-dev)
  • numpy

In-tree build

If you have already compiled and installed SOFA, you will have to do it again, and add some configuration to CMAKE:

  • Add this directory path in SOFA_EXTERNAL_DIRECTORIES.
  • Check the PLUGIN_SOFAPYTHON3 box
  • You may need to add an entry called SofaPython3_DIR, of the value <SOFA_build>/cmake

You may also need to add to your variable PYTHONPATH the string: <SOFA_build>/lib/site-packages

NB: This plugin cannot be build through in-build process when the old SofaPython plugin is activated. To have both SofaPython3 and SofaPython you need to use out-of-tree build.

Out-of-tree build

This plugin should compile with out-of-tree builds.